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As veterinarians who are actively promoting the benefits of natural raw food diets, it is important for us to remember that raw meat and bones alone, does not constitute a balanced diet. Combining carbohydrates, vegetables and vitamin/mineral supplements goes a long way to creating perfect balance, but the addition of organ meats is the final step in re-creating the “ancestral” or “evolutionary” diet for dogs and cats.

Organ meats are highly prized in the wild environment, with carnivores actively seeking out the liver, internal organs and stomach lining and content in initial preference to the muscle meat and bones. Organ meats will make up about 20% of the “meat” content of a carcass, and offer a much higher nutritional value than plain muscle meat alone - they are the nutritional powerhouse of a prey animal

Liver contains more nutrients gram for gram than ANY OTHER FOOD. It is the most concentrated natural source of vitamin A, is high in B vitamins, especially B12, along with folic acid and iron. It also has tremendous levels of nitrogen containing compounds that are used to form DNA and RNA in the body.

Heart is also nutritionally rich, being the single biggest natural source of Co-enzyme Q10, along with high levels of collagen and elastin. Heart muscle is also high in vitamin B12, iron, potassium and has significant levels of selenium, phosphorous and zinc

Kidneys are low in fat, high in protein, and provide vitamin b12, riboflavin and iron, as well as useful levels of B6, folate and niacin.

The principle of Organotherapy, which involves feeding a specific organ meat to treat failure of that specific organ in a patient, is coming back into vogue after many years of neglect. By including a range of organ meats into our raw pet foods, we can rest comfortably that we are feeding our dogs and cats the absolute best formula, and one that is most closely matched to mother nature's recipe.

This is why Vets All Natural's new RAW kangaroo and RAW 76 range of meats have been specifically formulated to contain 20% organ meats, including liver, heart and kidney. This new addition has significantly improved the nutritional value compared to other plain kangaroo meats that contain only muscle meat, and represents a significant advancement in our formulation process. The organ meats are sourced solely from kangaroo (so we are not introducing any new protein species), and are fully inspected by government meat inspectors to ensure they are fit for consumption.

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