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Spring and Summer can be a rough time for many pets, with the onset of the flea and allergy season. Itching caused by allergies can be very frustrating for all involved, pets, owners and veterinarians. Because allergies are an abnormal immune reaction, there is no single simple answer to them, much like it is with hayfever or asthma - sometimes the best we can hope to do is control the symptoms and minimise drug use. At Healthy Pets Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide a "minimal chemical approach" to managing allergies, and we can offer a wide range of options that include diets, supplements, topical treatments and medications. The goal of allergy treatments is to settle the over-reactive immune system and prevent self trauma from itching and chewing. please click on this link for more detailed information on natural approaches to allergies : Allergies.pdf   The Clinic offers a wide range of products and services that can assist in managing and alleviating the annoying symptoms of allergies. Your pet does not have to suffer hot, itchy skin, so make sure you book in to discuss treatment options for your dog or cat.
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