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  • Veterinary consulting at the clinic and on the farm 6 days a week
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Routine surgery and de-sexing
  • Complex surgery including orthopedic procedures
  • Ultrasonic dentistry
  • Ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy
  • Full diagnostic laboratory service in house
  • Natural therapies including nutrition, herbal remedies, acupuncture.
  • Alternative therapies offered: accupuncture, shockwave therapy, laser therapy and accell therapy
  • Equine stud work, Cattle pregnancy testing and AI
  • Equine performance therapies, tendon scanning and treatments
  • Grooming, clipping and hydro-bathing
  • Qualified dog obedience instructor and puppy classes
  • Natural pet foods and supplements

""The clinic offers a full range of veterinary services for both large and small animals”""

Valley Complementary Animal Therapies

Owned and run by Meagan Harrison, a qualified Vet nurse with 12 years experience, who is also a qualified canine myofunctional therapist, bowen therapist and red light therapist. Meagan’s treatments assist with rehab of post surgery orthopedics, soft tissue injurys, older arthritic dogs or performance dogs. Animals are no different to people in that they need to have post operative treatment and rehab program to get the best post operative outcome. Older stiffer animals suddenly feel like they can move again.

She works on the soft tissue including, muscles, tendons and fascia which is connective tissue it holds everything together in the body, Myo ( muscle) functional therapy is about making sure the muscles and connective tissue are able to move freely and therefore enable the animal to have the best range of movement possible, reduce inflammation and pain, break down trigger points and scar tissue.

Bowen therapy is using sequence of gentle moves with your hands over specific areas of the body again help to release the fascia. this enables the tissues to be rehydrated , increasing circulation, and therefore oxygenation , nutritional delivery, and lymphatic drainage of stagnant cells in those stuck tissues, so we have far greater reach in the body than just structural.

Red Light therapy uses red light and infra red light (has the longest wave length to penatrate through the skin, where it is picked up via the nervous system and messages sent to the brain to address specific area, so you are “rebalancing” the body to help heal what is needed. Red light can be used on wound healing, areas of inflammation, stimulate acupuncture points. These modalities are not painful and non-invasive.

Contact Meagan on 0409 806 506 for appointments.

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